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Yuzhong(Eugene) Huang

Machine Learning Researcher & Engineer

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I earned my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Zhejiang University in 2016. During my undergraduate study, I worked in the Digital Media Computing & Design Lab under Siliang Tang. I contributed to the ZJU Entity Discovery and Linking System and won the first place in the NIST 2016 Text Analysis Conference Knowledge Base Population Contest.

After graduate, I joined Qunhe Information Technology as a research engineer. I have created an automated floor plan recognition system, and currently working on 3D scenes style transfer. My research interests focus on machine learning, especially on reinforcement learning and transfer learning.

Current Interests and Projects:

  • Image Super Resolution with Seperate Albedo and Shading Space
  • Automated Floor Plan Recognition.
  • Floor Plan Evaluation.
  • Automated Sample Room Matching.
  • Automated Lighting.
  • 3D Scences Style Transfer.